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Flip - guitar (founding member)
Ritzi - guitar (2007)
Wanderer - drums (founding member)
zigoR - vocals (founding member)

HOF 2008

HANDS OF FATE 2008 - From left to right: zigoR, Flip, Ritzi, Wanderer

Former band members:

Jan_B - bass (2000-2007)
Jan_P - guitar (2001-2007)
Ralf - guitar (1997-2001)
Kai - keyboard (1998-2000)
Belinda - bass (1998-2000)
Sandra - bass (1999-2000)


HANDS OF FATE was founded in the cold embrace of winter 1997 at JUMIX Hammersbach (near Frankfurt/Germany), after a devastating gig of the band LAST DAYS OF KHAIN. Influenced by the deep growls of their vocalist Markus G. and their Thrash Metal-like riffing; Flip, Wanderer and zigoR decided to become also stage acting metalheads, calling themself MORTIFER. First rehearsal took place on December 10th 1997 together with Wanderers schoolmate Ralf as lead guitar player. Realizing that there was another band from Hammersbach called MORTIFER, the name was changed to HANDS OF FATE. Some weeks later, Belinda S. joined the band as bass player and the line-up was complete.

After the first gig in summer 1998 Kai W. joined the band as keyboard player and the band followed the path of melodic Black Metal until the year 2000, when HANDS OF FATE decided to change their style from melodic BM to Death Metal. At that time Kai left the band and keyboard was no longer used by HANDS OF FATE. Belinda, who was temporarily replaced by her friend Sandra, also left the band and Jan_B joined as a new bass player. The first professional record 'Tworz Norz' (after the demo 'Raging Calm' in 1999) was done in early 2001 at Kohlekeller Studio by Kristian 'Kohle' Kohlmannslehner. The band received a lot of positive feedback from german metal scene and became known even behind the borders of germany. In summer 2001 Ralf left the band and was replaced by Jan_P on the guitar in late 2001. HANDS OF FATE was back on stage again one year later.

Once again HANDS OF FATE recorded the CD 'Forces Of Madness' at Kohlekeller in summer 2003 and the band became even more well-established throughout the following years in german underground metal scene. In summer 2005 HANDS OF FATE released a self recorded split CD together with Epitaph Opera from Mainz, where zigoR played drums. From winter 2005 to winter 2006 the band did an one year intermission to write new meterial and doing intensive rehearsals, followed by a successful come back in December 2006, celebrating HANDS OF FATEs 9th anniversary.

In spring 2007 Jan_P and Jan_B left the band due to personal reasons. Even though the band is not capable to play live gigs at the moment, HANDS OF FATE is still working on new material and rehearsals continue.

In August 2007 Rene "Ritzi" Ritzmann joined HANDS OF FATE as a permanent member. His mature skills and long experience as metal guitarist perfectly fit into the band and the current way of playing death metal.
...stay tuned!

Promotional pictures:

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